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Childbirth Photography

Births happen in many ways. They are all beautiful, and I am honored to capture them.

24/7 On Call For All

Childbirth photography invokes memories that are so powerful they instantly flood you and quite possibly floor you with feelings from that one precious moment. For years to come these memories can and should be documented by someone like myself who is so passionate about this all encompassing work of art. I am presently available full time, 24/7 On Call For All as your birth photographer for an affordable rate of just $300. How does it work? Here's the deal: I'm on call for everyone within my one hour driving range, from the 85207 zip code, every day of the year. Call me the moment you decide to have that baby and I will drop what I'm doing, and get to your birthing location of choice. Payment will need to be squared away before I leave. I will text you the details for payment once we speak and I confirm my availability. In the unlikely event I am unavailable to serve as your on call photographer due to being present at another birth or illness/personal matter; I will gladly assist you in locating another photographer within my growing pool of referrals.  If you are considering using my services in advance, please contact me so we can discuss your birth plan and I can present you with any additional offers available at the time.

Planning a cesarian section for your next birth? Take advantage of this opportunity, I'm offering a maternity or a newborn session for an additional $50. That's only $350 total for your birth and maternity or newborn session! Due to the nature of being on call, this is available only for scheduled c-sections not scheduled inductions.

Life Photography

I am also available for custom portrait sessions. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs and vision. Pricing as follows: Mini sessions, 30 minutes total time, one location, $50. Maternity or Family portraits, one hour total time, one location, $100. Senior portraits or Engagement portraits, two hours total time, up to three locations accessible within timeframe, $150. Newborn sessions, in the convenience of your home, three hours allotted time, $125.

All photography services include unlimited edited images, provided for you in a private online gallery available for downloading. Gift certificates are available and memories make for the gift that keeps giving.